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{Musée du Louvre, Palais Royal, Paris, France}

Like the Hermitage in Russia, the Louvre is overwhelming.  You can spend an entire day visiting just the classics or looking at their new Islamic art wing which is modern and lovely.  The tent-like structure built out of gold metal looks like a flying carpet!

I can imagine that I. M. Pei’s glass pyramid was startling to Parisians when it was first built, but today, I can’t imagine the Louvre without it.  I love the clash of modernity against the classical beauty of the museum.  I love the metallic geometry and reflections.  Even if we come to France to get lost in history, I can’t wait to return and do a tour of the modern stuff one day.

These pictures at night felt so different than the ones I took during the day and is worth two trips (or a long day) because even the art inside is illuminated differently.


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